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13 Tips for Making the Most of Parent/Teacher Conferences

September 29, 2014


In all likelihood you have already experienced Parent/Teacher Conferences or are gearing up for them. There was an article about parent/teacher conferences in the Omaha World Herald I would like to share.  The article included some helpful tips to parents.   I reproduced these with credit to the World Herald.


  1. The biggest mistake parents make is not attending.
  2. Don’t expect the teacher to do all of the talking.  Parents know their children best.  Give the teacher the benefit of your insight.
  3. Tell the teacher specifically what you would like your child to achieve.  For example, organizational skills, math………
  4. Don’t consider the conference a one-time event.  If there are matters requiring more discussion, ask for additional meetings before or after school.
  5. If you are not happy, bring your concerns to light.
  6. Understand that the conference is a freeze-frame in your child’s progress.
  7. If comfortable, reveal to the teacher outside factors that may be influencing a child’s behavior or performance, such as a death in the family, divorce, or medical concerns.
  8. Ask for ways you can work with your student at home to reinforce what the teacher does in class.
  9. Attend with an open mind and listen to suggestions.
  10. Ask how you can become more involved in your student’s academic progress.
  11. Ask what you consider to be the most important questions first, just in case time runs out.  Keep “chit chat” to a minimum when others are waiting.
  12. Come prepared with questions. Examples below                                               
    A. What are your expectations?                                                                       
    B. How does my child behave in class?                                                           
    C. In which areas does my child have difficulty?                                               
    D. Are there other ways to teach the same material, with books or other methods that would be effective in helping my child learn?                                               
    E. What are some of my child’s strengths/ weaknesses?                                   
    F. What are some teaching strategies that work for my child?                       
    G. Does my child have the necessary skills but can’t seem to finish work in the    same amount of time as others?
  13. It is a good idea to ask what you consider to be the most important questions first, just in case time runs out.  Unfortunately conferences have to have time limits. Be cognizant of other parents who might be waiting, and if needed, schedule another time to finish the conference.  Keep “chit chat” to a minimum when others are waiting.

Remember, It is a GREAT day to be a Weeping Water Student! You can always call or stop by. Conferences can happen any day of the week.


Mr. Wockenfuss

6-12 Principal

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