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*Saturday Wr. @ Louisville,*Speech @ Lincoln, JVGBVGB HOME VS NC LOURDES 2:00pm. GO INDIANS GO!*MONDAY MSWR TRNY HOME 4:30PM, MSGBB HOME VS EM 4:30PM.*WEDNESDAY 9-12 Digital Social Media Assembly 9-11am HS classrooms.*THURSDAY JVVGBB at Yutan 4:30pm, Wr. at St. Paul. Good Luck ALL!
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Weeping Water Speech: A Slice of Awesome

Weeping Water Speech: A slice of Awesome


Not everyone likes being judged…but everyone likes pizza! Here combining the two is Coach Mimi VanderVeen with the Weeping Water “DEEP DISH” speech team.







Drama (Oral Interpretation of)


Serious Prose

Humorous Prose


Did someone order a novice speech team? This year’s team of nine consists of first-time speakers. Due to the team of first-timers, VanderVeen had all WW speech participants attend Millard North’s speech meet on Saturday January 6th. It was here where students could observe, take notes and be inspired by the “wall talkers” of surrounding schools. The Deep Dish team took off to the various rooms to see what’s cooking in the events they intend to compete with at meets later this season.


Each speech event has a recipe of its own. The cook time –or performance time can vary from a five minute memorized presentation to a ten minute comedy act with an extra dose of cheese. Performers can choose the category or event they wish to perform. Each category is given a rubric established and distributed by the NSAA (Nebraska State Activities Association). This rubric is to assist performers in the creating and performing process of their piece(s). Some categories or events allow students to credit an author and perform their interpretation of his/her work. Other events allow performers to create their own piece, blend tid-bits from other recipes, add drama and hold the anchovies; it all depends on what they're craving.


Performing a solo piece isn’t your slice? Speech members may perform Duets or OIDs (Oral Interpretation of Drama) with fellow team members from their school. This year’s team has an OID and duet team. A duet is a small, 10 minute story performed by two students, consisting of an original (student created) introduction to the piece. This year’s due stars juniors Joey Morlan and Tristin Brill. This dynamic duo will be performing The Speech Meet Has Been Canceled by Ken Bradbury. The OID is a classic, Cinderella. The OID team is a group of five performers, juniors Andrew Bataldin, Robert Brill, Tristin Brill, sophomores Madison Carnes and Kaylee Tighe. The team of five has 10 minutes to portray a piece, start to finish…without looking at each other! They will hit, hold, grab and jab without ever looking or touching fellow performers. The performers must be facing the judge during the duration of their piece and can only pantomime gestures or interactions of fellow characters.


Some Deep Dish members are taking advantage of the ability to participate in more than one event, as exemplified by T. Brill’s participation in the two team events. Another member, Tighe, is doubling up in events. In addition to her participation in the OID, Tighe will also be performing an entertainment piece written by VanderVeen titled; Teachers with a Sense of Humor.  This event is the one event where performers are allowed to use props.


In addition to having the opportunity to compete in multiple events, speech participants will perform their piece multiple times during a single tournament. Each category participant is assigned a different “flight” and round. Participants will have multiple flights in a series of three rounds with three different judges. This gives each performer the opportunity to receive feedback from multiple professionals and judges as well as verse a variety of students and their strengths. After three rounds, the strongest performers will break into finals.


VanderVeen is excited to work with the performers here at WWPS. “…Speech has changed since I competed in high school,” explained VanderVeen. VanderVeen’s district competed in forensics, an competitive speaking activity with similar categories, but clearly a different name. “After Dinner Speaking” is today’s Entertainment category. Forensics also has/had Impromptu speaking, a category where students would make a speech and deliver on the fly, much like today’s Extemporaneous. VanderVeen has deeper fondness with speech as her mother Ree Shirley competed and took State several times in her high school days. Together, VanderVeen and Shirley love to create, cut and critique pieces for VanderVeen’s Deep Dish team to use.


Nothing beats a pizza on a Saturday night and with practice, nothing will beat the Deep Dish speech team on Saturday mornings! Our first delivery comes this Saturday, January 20, 2018. Travel to Lincoln High to grab a slice of awesome and support our Indians’ Deep DISH adventures.

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