Orange Status

Due to increased COVID cases and quarantines among staff and several student quarantines, Weeping Water Public Schools is moving to an orange status. Weeping Water Public Schools will be taking the following actions:

There will be no school for students tomorrow, November 10th.

Weeping Water will move to an A/B schedule starting on Wednesday and running through Thanksgiving.
If cases decrease, we will move back to 100% in-person learning on Monday, November 30th.

Any previously planned before and after school practices will continue tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Tonight’s Middle School / High School Concert will continue as planned.

Staff will be informing parents tomorrow if their child is to attend on an A day or a B-day.

Additional information will be posted on the school’s COVID website.

A key to reducing COVID spread is staying home, avoid crowds, maintaining social distancing, and wearing a mask. I urge you to stress these principles with your children when they are not scheduled to be in school.