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All of us at Weeping Water are saddened to receive news this morning of the death of a teacher, Katrina Bescheinen. In her time at Weeping Water, Katrina touched the lives of many students, parents, and staff.

Weeping Water students and staff were notified of Katrina’s death today at school this morning. Students and staff will react in different ways. We should expect, try to understand, and accept a variety of emotions and behaviors. The most important things we should do is to be supportive and encourage discussion about the event, the feelings to which it gives rise, and the various ways people might respond. We would encourage you as parents to talk further with your children. 

If you would like your child to visit with our school counselor, Dawn Bickford, please call our school office at 402-267-2445 or send a note to your child’s teacher.

At this time we have not received information regarding funeral arrangements. We do anticipate that many of our staff members will want to attend the services. We are working to obtain substitute teachers who will help us cover student classrooms. If we are unable to hire enough substitute teachers, we will be closing school so staff and students are able to attend the funeral.

We know that you will join us in our concern, support, and sympathy for those involved in and affected by this incident. We also greatly appreciate your cooperation and assistance.


Kevin Reiman,
Superintendent Weeping Water Schools