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Weeping Water Public Schools will be making a change to its 2020/2021 school calendar in order to assist those students who need additional assistance due to the ongoing COVID Pandemic.  

The Nebraska Department of Education is waiving two days per semester for COVID-related issues.  Weeping Water Public Schools will be using those days on December 21st and 22nd.  The district will use them as follows:

  • Students who are missing assignments from this past semester will be required to come to school to get those assignments completed.
  • Students who are failing and have the potential to raise their grade to passing will be required to come to school to work on those classes.
  • Any other students who the teacher has identified as being in need of additional instruction due to absences will be required to come to school to work with those teachers.
  • Students who are not identified in any of the 3 categories above be allowed to stay home on the 21st and 22nd.

Students and parents will be informed by Friday, December 18th if they need to attend school on December 21st.

Students who complete all requirements will be allowed to leave school early on the 21st IF they have the means to get home on their own and bring written permission from their parents to do so.  

Transportation will be provided at the start and end of the day to those students who normally have transportation provided.  The school will not be able to take home students who are done prior to the end of the day.