9-12 Suggested Materials and Supplies

Jr Sr. High School suggested material/supplies. Your classroom teacher will also let you know what you need.

All Grades 9-12: (Students are allowed to carry one bag to classes.)

  • Trapper Keeper style organizer (zippered or Velco, closed binder with pocket folders)
  • Spiral notebooks, one per class
  • Minimum of eight pencils, Wooden or mechanical (extra lead for mechanical)
  • Blue or black pens, preferably not gel pens or fountain pens
  • Small box of tissues for hall lockers
  • Locker organizing shelves are useful but not required, and may require modifications to fit lockers.
  • Change of clothes and clean gym shoes if enrolled in PE classes for PE lockers- must take home clothing 1 x per week and weekends.
  • A reminder to students and parents that locker interiors may be tastefully decorated.
  • Lockers are assigned to students for more than one year, but must be returned to original condition.
  • Locks are supplied by the school.
  • Other materials may be requested by classroom teachers.