JH Girls Basketball

  • Our main goal is to teach our players how to be a “team” player
  • What the difference is between a “friend” and a “teammate”.
  • How to give feedback and what that should look like vs. picking on or criticizing your teammates.Our second goal is to teach the girls how to win and lose.
  • To be a good winner, you will need to learn to fail. That may mean you came in second during the sprints or your team lost the drill.Our third goal is to push them harder then they thought they could be pushed.
  • We want our players to know how to keep pushing even when they are past their breaking point.
  • How to step up in the last 2 minutes when everyone else has given up.Our fourth and final goal is to have fun.
  • You have more fun when you are winning.
  • Also, when you are pushing yourselves to be better players.