Coaching Philosophy

  1. To ensure that each player is exposed to the fundamentals of volleyball along with a high level of competition.
  2. To provide a social setting for teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship.
  3. To provide the opportunity for growth and development through a discipline structure.
  4. To expose the players to a competitive situation which will be remembered through life as a positive and rewarding experience.

Indian Practice Policy

Practice is where it all happens; it is where you work to improve yourself and where we work to improve as a team.Practices are also the first place where we as coaches evaluate your performance.You should come to practice mentally and physically prepared to learn and grow as a volleyball player.Practice is not social time; it is preparation time.We expect 100% out of everyone in practice, just as we expect 100% in every game.Hard work in practice will translate into successful games.Have the mind set that we will practice harder than any team we will face this year.

Practice will usually begin at 3:45 PM and usually end by 6:00 PM.If you need extra help or would like to work on a specific skill, you are more than welcome to stay later.I expect every player to be on time and ready to begin when practice is scheduled to start.If you are going to be late to practice it is your responsibility to tell the coaches before practice.If detained by a teacher you need to bring a note from that teacher.If serving a detention, you will not be excused for being late.If you are going to miss practice, please inform one of the coaches.If you miss practices or games, you are hurting your progress as well as the teams.Missing games and practice may result in the loss of position within the team.Missing practices or games because of illness or injury of course will be excused.

  1. Be on time always.
  2. Prior to entering the floor each athlete must go through the Indian Ritual everyday.
  3. We encourage enthusiasm in practice.Once we get started the only talk allowed on the floor will be “volleyball talk”.
  4. Whenever a coach is talking to you give them your utmost attention.Look at them to let them know you hear them.Ask questions!There are no dumb questions.
  5. Run to all drills.Always help shag balls between and during drills.
  6. Be attentive to others being corrected so you do not become the next “victim”.
  7. Irrelevant, unproductive, disrespectful, comments will not be tolerated.
  8. Never leave the floor without permission.If you need to just ask.
  9. Work hard to improve yourself without having to be forced.Be serious.Have fun without clowning.You develop only by doing your best.