September breakfast / LUNCH MENU



Weeping Water Public Schools participated in the Summer Food Service Program this past summer. That program offers universal free meals to all students between the ages of 1 – 18. On August 31, 2020, the USDA announced that it extended this program through December 31, 2020, or until the federal funding is exhausted. This will allow all WWPS students to eat a “reimbursable meal” for free during that time.

In order to qualify, the meal must be reimbursable. This requires the student to take the required components. For breakfast, four different items are offered: a milk, fruit, juice, and a bread or bread/meat component. Students must take at least three of these four items and one of those must be a fruit or juice. Failure to take the required items makes it a non-reimbursable meal and your child will be charged ala carte prices.

At lunch, five components are offered: meat, a bread, a vegetable, a fruit, and milk are offered every day. A child needs to take three of those five with one of the components being a fruit or vegetable for it to be considered reimbursable. Again, failure to take the required items makes it a non-reimbursable meal and your child will be charged ala carte prices.

In addition, any extra items and all second servings are charged ala carte prices. Those charges will appear on your child’s lunch account.

Finally, WWPS will go back and credit the student accounts for those reimbursable meals that occurred from September 1st thru September 9th.

Please contact me with any questions please contact the school.

2020/21 Meal Prices

Elementary - $1.90
Middle School/High School - $1.95
Adult - $2.30

Lunch prices
Elementary - $2.85
Middle School/High School - $3.05
Adult - $3.85


Weeping Water uses the eFunds Electronic Payment Service.  eFunds allows parents and patrons to pay for lunch, the technology fee, and purchase an activity pass with a debit/credit card or electronic bank transfer.  

To access this service, go to the following website: Weeping Water eFunds

Please note:

  • There is a fee assessed to the user to use the service.
  • Parents will need their student's PowerSchool Number to the first time depositing funds into their child's lunch account.  Call the school office if you do not know this number.

School wellness Policy

School Wellness Policy

The Wellness Committee welcomes your suggestion and recommendations.

The Wellness Committee consists of the following members:

Kevin Reiman, WWPS Superintendent

Dr. Tiffanie Welte, High School Principal

Bristol Wenzl, Elementary School Principal

Susan Smith, Food Service Services

Tracy Andersen, School Nurse

Betty Hanes, Elementary School Secretary

Joel Haveman, MS/Elementary Physical Education Teacher

Miki Valenta, High School Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher

Julie Meyer, Elementary and MS Parent

Nondiscrimination Statement