One-Act Information

Any ninth through twelfth grade student enrolled in Weeping Water High School is able to participate in the play. Students may choose to participate as actors or members of the crew. The cast puts on a play for the school and community and participates in other drama competitions. During the season students must remain academically eligible according to the standards of Weeping Water Public Schools as well as abide by the guidelines set forth by the activity sponsor(s) in order to continue to participate. If you have a flair for the dramatic, put your talent to use and join us as we strive to entertain and enchant our audiences!

Activity Sponsors’ Contact Information

Ms. Miki Valenta - mvalenta@weepingwaterps.org

Expectations and Policies


It is imperative that each actor/crew member be present at all scheduled rehearsals. Failing to attend two rehearsals (unexcused) could result in the involuntary resignation of the assigned role and/or a dismissal from the drama program. In the event of an illness or emergency it is your responsibility to contact Mrs. Lofing before practice begins! Such an instance may constitute an excused absence. It is also important to be on time for rehearsal. Three late arrivals may result in a dismissal from an assigned role and/or the drama program. Dismissals due to attendance and punctuality will be at the discretion of the sponsor(s).


During rehearsals and performances it is expected that you are attentive and respectful at all times. Though we hope that you are having fun, you must do so while taking your responsibility to the cast and crew seriously. We will have a limited number of rehearsals and it is necessary for you to be mentally present at all times in order to maximize our productivity. Actors and/or crew members may be permanently dismissed due to unprofessional conduct at the discretion of the sponsor(s).