BIG PALs Information

February 18, 2014

Sponsor: Mrs. Bickford

BIG PALs (Positive Attitude and Leadership)

This program matches high school students with an elementary student to serve as a mentor of big brother/big sister. The Big PAL will spend 30 minutes during the school day once a week doing special activities or helping the Little PAL with schoolwork. The Big PAL is expected to model Positive Attitude and Leadership, to be a good role model and to be a friend to the Little PAL throughout the school year. Big PALs are expected to be prompt with their scheduled meeting times each week. If a Big PAL is not showing responsibility, they can be removed from the program.

In order to be a Big PAL, there is an application process, and then the students will be notified if they have been selected and who their Little PAL will be. The students’ grade and past attendance will be figured into the application process.