Important information from our school nurse


The American Academy of Pediatricians and the Nebraska State Health Department is encouraging your child(ren) to get his/her yearly physicals and to stay up-to-date and current with their immunization schedule.

The state of Nebraska and WWPS does require that children entering into Kindergarten have proof of up-to-date immunizations, and have a physical within 6 months of starting school. 

All students entering into 7th grade are required to have A Tdap booster before starting 7th grade.  These immunizations are audited yearly and students will not be able to start or continue school without them.   

Does your student have ANY health issues or concerns? 

(physical, mental, behavioral, emotional) 

We want to provide each and every WWPS student with the best learning opportunity we can. Having open lines of communication between school and home is such a very important step in that process.  As your school nurse, it is important that I know what precautions we need to be taking here at school to protect your child and follow your child’s health guidelines as provided by their family medical provider.  I am here to advocate for your child’s health and the overall health of our school. Feel free to reach out and talk to me about any concerns you may have throughout the school year.  It is not safe to assume that I know each student's health concern.  

Asthma & Allergies

If your child has allergies, asthma or any other compromised airway disease it is imperative that you let me know this.  

If your child has an emergency asthma or allergy action plan, those need to be updated yearly and copies need to be provided to be on file in the health office.  

School Illness Policy and Pandemic Expectations

-Please review WWPS School illness policy that can be located on the school website, and in the WWPS School Handbook. As always, we will be following these guidelines.

-With the global health pandemic we will be strictly adhering to monitoring students and  staff. We ask that no one enter the building if they are experiencing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.  

-We will expect students to be picked up in a timely manner if they are ill so that we can decrease the amount of exposure.  

**Please be sure that the contact information provided to the school is correct. 

-Do NOT send your student(s) if they have any signs or symptoms of, or if they have been knowingly exposed to COVID-19.

-Flexibility, patience, and understanding throughout this time of uncertainty will be greatly appreciated.  I can assure you that we are doing our best to protect our students, staff, and our Weeping Water community.  We will be following the  recommended health guidelines to the best of our abilities.  

-Understand that these guidelines change frequently and quickly as professionals learn more about the virus daily.  

-It may be a good idea to start practicing social distancing and wearing masks with your student (1st grade and older).  Having a positive attitude and letting kids get accustomed to masks will help with the adjustment period at school.

Hand Hygiene

The best way to protect yourselves and those around you is to practice good hand hygiene.  The CDC has many helpful tips on handwashing on their website. I have also made a short hand washing video that you can share with your younger students via the following YouTube link: