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The Weeping Water Community Booster Club was formed in February, 1988 with 21 members joining. Pancake feeds, selling ads for school calendars and fireworks sales were early fundraisers of the Community Booster Club.  Now providing food and concessions for 8 school sponsored tournaments and a pancake supper prior to honors night activities are the how the Boosters raise funds.  Club members meet 2 - 3 times a year.  If any pertinent matters need to be decided the members discuss them during tournaments.  Currently there are 15 active members.  There are no dues to be a member, just a willingness to assist with activities in the community and at school. Our mission statement is: Working to better our Community and School.  The Booster members are proud to contribute funds towards the school’s athletic programs, other school projects, and community projects. Most of the athletic uniforms have been paid for by the Boosters. Scott and Cindy Spilinek are the current co-presidents. Jacque Davis is the treasurer.

In July the Boosters donated $250 to the school library, $250 to the city for the summer ball program, $75 for advertising at the ball field, $500 for 2 scholarships for Weeping Water Public School graduates, and $4,138.40 for a softball pitching machine to benefit all playing softball for Weeping Water teams. The Boosters typically also donate yearly $250 to the city library, $1000 for Limestone Day activities, $150 for the WWPS Foundation golf outing, and for after prom activities. These activities did not take place this year.

The Weeping Water Community Boosters are part of the Midlands Foundation. Each December through January any funds donated to the Boosters through the Midlands Foundation receive a matching % donation. These are the funds that help pay for the school’s larger requests.

The Boosters need members to help at their various fund-raising activities.  To volunteer contact the Boosters at wwcommunityboosters@gmail.com or Cindy Spilinek at 402-314-9367 or visit with any Booster member at school sponsored tournaments. Please join us in bettering our community and school.