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*CONGRATULATIONS One Act cast/coaches on the 3rd place in C2-1 Districts. *Here Come The WW Indian Winter Sports and activities.*Thursday 12-1 PK Family night 6-8pm,Wr at Fremont-Bergman 6:30pm.*Friday 12-2 GBBB away vs Malcom @ 4:30pm.*Saturday 12-3 Wr @ Friend 9:00am, MSBBB @ HTRS 12:00pm, GBBB away @ HTRS 1:00pm.
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Dub Dub ( WW) Share the Love

On Monday November 21st Mrs. Endorf’s 2nd hour Health students created and shared a presentation about spreading positivity. The class took a vote with a split decision between donating to the animal shelter and spreading positivity. Edorf broke the tie to spread positivity. She said, “I choose this because it follows the curriculum about mental health they are working on. I think it’s needed”. All three groups of students presented the same material to 3 different classes. Their objective is to stop the spread of negativity and unkindness and instead spread the love. The group is R.C.A.P. Role Civic Action Plan assisted in sponsoring Endorf’s group and educating them on the importance of community involvement for good. Representative of R.C.A.P. Marcus Cave said, “What you say and do does matter. It starts with you.” As a school we can spread the love by writing positive encouraging notes and placing them in the boxes located in the library and Mrs. Bickford’s office or post on social media with #WWsharesthelove. Student Sierra Morlan said, “We could all use a pick-me-up.” Spread the positivity... and the hashtag. 

Mock Trial: Court Adjourned

According to Lisa Hohn, “Mock trial is when our students present a case from the defense or prosecution side”. This season’s team was given many compliments on their skills and ability to present in the courtroom. Though it is not always possible to make it to the meets Brogan “appreciates the support the school gave both before and after each competition”. Witness, Mason Heath said, “Every year is a . . .

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SENCA Simulation

SENCA holds a poverty simulation to help others truly understand the difficulty families in poverty face. This shows students the hardships families may go through and corrects any misconceptions. SENCA’s goal is to promote poverty awareness, increase the students understand, and finally inspire change. Hannah Williams along with three other seniors called several people to volunteer, “The whole thing works because of . . .

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