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*IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOUR 1ST OR LAST, RUN THROUGH THE TAPE! *MONDAY-JVWR Home 4:30pm, MSGBB @ EM 4:30pm.*THURSDAY JV-VGBBB vs Yutan Home 4:30pm, WR @ St.Paul 6:30pm.*Friday Wr @ Cedar Rapids 11am. *Saturday MSGBB @ JCC 8am, C-GBB @ Plattsmouth 9am. "NOTE"-NO SCHOOL FEBRUARY 20, WWPS HOSTING ECNC SPEECH ALL DAY!

1st Semester Honor Roll 2018-19

Congratulations To The 2018-2019 1st Semester Honor Roll

The purpose of the honor roll is to recognize those students who demonstrate academic excellence. Honor rolls will be determined for 1st and 2nd Semesters.

1. GOLD HONOR ROLL: Students receiving all "A’s"

2. SILVER HONOR ROLL: Students receiving no other grade lower than a "B”

3. All class grades are figured the same for honor roll status published in the Plattsmouth Journal school website.

*Bolded names are 1st time Honor Roll students!

GOLD: Students receiving all "A’s"

12TH – Cory Groleau, David Meredith, Lucas Patton, Ryan Smith


11th – Peyton Barrett, Kole Brack, Avery Heath


10th – Jason Burch, Izzabelle Kerr, Langdon Kohn, AnnaBell Murphy, Zack Smith


9th – Clayton Cronk, Ciera Dieter, Lauren Harms, Zoe Houston, Aiden Linden, Cadence Porter, Brooklyn Rathe


8th – Samantha Burch, Matthew Cover, Noah Morlan, Austin Patton


7th – Lindsy Cronk, Samantha Hall, Brayden Harms, Katie Meyer, Jeremy Nehring


6th – Anna Stackpole, Haylee Stackpole, Caelen Wipf


SILVER: Students receiving no other grade lower than a "B”


12TH – Jordyn Bergmann, Taylor Essary, Shayden Jones, Nathan Kelsay, Allana Lackore, Brianna Lawson, Conner Morlan, Sadie Williams


11th – Jessie Jordan, Bobbi Ritzman, Kaylee Tighe


10th – Reagan Aronson, Addisyn Bickford, Noah Hammons, Abigail Porter, Jamison Twomey


9th – Kiera Brack, Natania French, Carter Mogensen, Hunter Mortimer, Karley Ridge, Lauren Wehrbein


8th – Elizabeth Dean, Samantha Hammons, Riley Hohn, Berenger Leonard , Logan March, Seth Meredith, Dylan Miller, Taylor Miller, Alexis Mogensen, Ethan Sabala, Amanda Smith


7th – Brennan DeMike, Matthew Godbey, Blake Henderson, Hayden Karstens, Jameson Mazano-Sumibcay, Jillian Rathe, Cole Spidell, Libby Sutton


6th – Jaden Brack, James Dean, Myles Dowling, Landon Fulton, Blaine Kaluza,

Kaylea McCaulley, Gus McGill, Kalison Miller, Katie Mogensen, John Ridge

”It’s a Great Day to be a We

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