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A Message from the Superintendent on School Shooting Threats

A Message from the Superintendent on School Shooting Threats


Good afternoon.  This is Ken Heinz, the superintendent of schools at Weeping Water.  I would like to address a current topic of concern that is active within our school and community, school shootings.  While I certainly cannot and will not address individual situations due to privacy issues, I will share with you that we take any and all types of these situations very seriously and investigate them thoroughly beginning with the initial tip or report.  We notify and involve the Cass County Sheriff’s Department in all of these situations from the very beginning.  Please know that if there is any type of credible or reliable information supporting these types of reports, that individual is immediately removed from school and the individual turned over to the Cass County Sheriff’s Department.  This has been done in the past and will continue to be done in the future.  A challenging piece to situations like these is separating speculation and rumor from fact.  While we typically are aware of and ahead of these kinds of situations, there will always be some that we are not aware of.  I would ask that you please call me or one of the principals immediately if you ever hear of a situation that you think might put anyone within our school community at risk. Thank you for your concern and help and have a great day.

Video: Weeping Water Community

The Weeping Water educational campus is more than a school district. It’s a place where students can feel a sense of belonging and purpose. We focus on our young people in terms of academics, personal interests, and their place in our community. By helping them feel a part of something bigger, they grow up knowing their actions impact the lives of others. The Weeping Water community invests in the futures of our . . .

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Video: An Education Path for EVERY Student

An Education Path for EVERY Student At Weeping Water, our focus is to help every student explore different educational paths so they are actively learning according to their interests. Increasingly, many of our students are drawn to skills-based educational paths and we want to make sure they can pursue this and be set up for future success. We have new facilities and instructors for many courses in this area including . . .

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Video: Extra Curricular Activities Add to Success

At Weeping Water, we believe that a focus on extracurricular activities helps students to explore their passions, learn how to grow, and find success in and out of the classroom. That’s why the community has invested in giving us some of the best facilities to give our students the best opportunity to explore and succeed. A wonderful new gymnasium A weight room and wellness center that is open to the . . .

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